Duvet covers

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Duvet covers

Duvet is a French word that means down in this language. A duvet is therefore a convenient and comfortable object which is filled with the soft feathers (down) of geese. Duvets are commonly used instead of quilts on beds to ensure your warmth and comfort, thus they are also known as comforters. Duvets are a bit thinner than quilts and they may serve as bedspreads.

Duvet covers are made in diferent colors, sizes and styles which is great for everybody who would like to add more color to a bedroom, rather than always using the neutral white that most duvets come in. A duvet cover may also be very convenient to keep your favorite expensive down comforter clean.

Here are some tips for selecting a duvet cover:

  • Thoroughly measure your down comforter. Lay the comforter flat and get its true dimensions using a measuring tape. After that, compare the results to the dimensions specified on the online description or the packaging of a duvet cover.
  • Check its washability. The main benefit of buying a duvet cover is to get an easy to wash cover for your down comforter which is not so easily laundered.
  • Find out the thread count of the fabric that duvet cover is made of. The main concept concerning thread count is the higher the number of threads, the softer the material. The best fabrics have high thread count - over 200.

Selecting the fabric, color and style of a duvet cover is generally a question of personal taste and budget. Just remember that the high-quality product won't be too cheap.

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